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Award Categories

Best Dental University / College

An International recognised Award for the Outstanding University/ College providing Academic Excellence

Top Dental Provider

An International Award for the Nation\'s Top Dental Provider providing excellent patient care throughout the nation with multiple centres.

Young Dentist Award

International Young Dentist Award are awarded to Dentists with excellent academics and clinical skills.

Dental Product of the Year

This is a special award for the Best Dental Product of the year.

Dental Leader Award

This is a Premium Award awarded to Nation's Top Dental Leader.

Best Dentist Award

Apply for this award, if you are dentist owning a Practice, Clinic or a Consultant in Hospital / Institution where you have proved Excellent Dental care with friendliness and high professional standards. Colleagues and Patients can register vote

Best Dental Educator

Apply for this award if you are a teaching professional / Professor / Lecturer / Reader in a University or a Institution or a dental training coach where you have proved your passion and supported continuous professional development in Dentistry. Head of Institution, Colleagues and Students can register vote.

Best Dental Clinic/ Practice

Apply for this award if your Clinic provides best dental care and comfortable patients experience in your community with outstanding Infection Control Protocols, Latest Equipment and International Standards Certifications. This Award gives International Recognition for the Dental Clinic/ Practice. Team Members, Colleagues and Patients can register vote.

International Innovation Award

Apply for this Award if you have translated your unique research ideas to develop products, technology, processes, system, management strategies etc. in Dentistry.

Best Dental Student

Apply for this Award if you are an Outstanding Student in your University with good academics, clinical or research skills who wants to practice dentistry with great passion. Entry should be submitted with a Recommendation Letter from the Head of the Department about the Nominees academic achievements. Head of Department, Professors or Tutors can register vote.

Best Startup Dentistry

Apply for this Award if you have started a Clinic with less than 4 years and created a great difference in your locality / community providing Exceptional Dental Care with modern equipment and your Team. Colleagues and Patients can register vote.

Sponsored Award

The Sponsor will select awardee based on Experience and Clinical Excellence.

Life Time Achievement Award

Awarded for Outstanding Services to Dental Education

Oral Diseases Research Award

Apply for this Award if you have made outstanding contribution towards Oral Diseases Research. Colleagues and Students can register vote.

Top Entrepreneur Award

International Award for Entrepreneurs who are passionate and have a vision to take Dentistry to the next level.

Young Achiever Award

This Award is to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate young dentists for all the dedication, hard work and learning in order to achieve their career goals.

Young Researcher Award

This Award is for Dental Researchers who are in the Early Career Stage and have proved their skills and dedication through Research Work, Publications & Presentations

Pioneer in Dental Education

This is a Unique Award awarded to Pioneers in Dental Education